Vista panorámica de la Cordillera Huayhuash desde la Cumbre del Diablo Mudo


Duration of the program:
02 days of acclimatizations + 10 days treks.
Type of circuit:
Trekking - adventure - scenic - landscape.




Ancash - Huanuco - Lima - Cordillera Huayhuash.

Approach path:

Chiquian - Llamac - Matacancha.
Minimum altitude:
Llamac Town 3250 m.
Maximum altitude:
Cuyoc Pass 5000 m.
Degree of difficulty:
Moderate to Difficult.
April to October.
Cold, dry and temperate.

Group size:


From 01 to more people in a group, more than 15 people, the group is divided.
Fixed departures:
April to November 2018
Program code:
Departures from April to November 2018
22 - 23
24/04 - 03/05
01 - 02
03 - 12
16 - 17
18 - 27
28 - 29
30/05 - 08/06
02 - 03
4 - 13
03 - 04
5 - 14
13 - 14
15 - 24
19 - 20
21 - 30
08 - 09
10 - 19
20 - 21
22 - 31
01 - 02
03 - 12
10 - 11
12 - 21
01 - 02
03 - 12
14 - 15
16 - 25
19 - 20
21 - 30


Day 1: Acclimatization:

TREK CORDILLERA NEGRA - WILCACOCHA LAKE- Departure 8.00 a.m. - - Return approx. 2.00 p.m.
Departure from the city of Huaraz at the agreed time by bus to the town of Chiwipampa, crossing of the Santa Cruz Bridge, here the walk starts, uphill with 600 m. of unevenness, by a road almost marked, after 2 hours of walking you will arrive at the Wilcacocha lake at 3750 m.a.s.l, view of the whole Cordillera Blanca and its majestic snow-capped peaks, after being around for an hour, descent to the Santa Cruz Bridge and return to the city of Huaraz. HOTEL EN HUARAZ.


Day 2: Acclimatization:

69 LAKE (FULL DAY) Departure 5.00 a.m. - Return approx. 6.00 p.m.

Departure at the agreed time of the city of Huaraz towards the northern part of the Callejon de Huaylas, arriving at the city of Yungay 55 km from Huaraz, then the road deviates towards the eastern part of Yungay, entering the Cordillera Blanca in the Quebrada de Llanganuco at 30 km approximately and after 2 hours by bus you reach Cebollapampa at 3900 meters above sea level, here the trek begins, after approximately 8 km and 3 hours of walking you will reach Laguna 69 at 4620 meters above sea level , from here you can see the snowy peaks: Huascarán, Chopicalqui, Pisco, Huandoy, Yanapaccha and Chacraraju. After spending almost an hour in the lagoon, we return to Cebollapampa, to take the bus back to Huaraz. HOTEL EN HUARAZ.

Day 3: Huaraz - Chiquián 3400 m. - Llamac Town 3250 m. - Cuartelhuain Camp 4100 m.

Travel by bus approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Departure from Huaraz at the appointed time to the city of Chiquián in the way we pass by different villages of the south of the Callejon de Huaylas as Recuay Ticapampa, Cátac, thus reaching Conococha Lagoon 4100 m., From this point you you can see the Cordillera Huayhuash and outrunning the Cordillera Blanca and after arriving in Chiquián we continue to Llamac 3250 m., afther continue the way, passing the villages as Pocpa, Pallca. On the way we observe the first mountains as Ninashanca and Rondoy. Arrival at the camp Cuartelhuain


Day 4: Cuartelhuain Camp 4100 m. - Cacananpunta Pass 4700 m. - Janca 4150 m. - Punta Carhuac 4650 m. - Carhuacocha Lake 4100 m.

Trekking approximately 7 to 8 hours.

We pass the first pass of Cacananpunta 4700 m. We see some mountains as Ninashanca, Rondoy, Pucacocha Lake. After we descend to the village of Janca, after a rest will start rising to the second pass of Punta Carhuac 4650 m. Down by the gorge of Yanayana, arrival at Carhuacocha camp. Panoramic Mountain View Jirishanca Chico, Jirishanca Grande, Yerupajá Chico, Yerupajá Grande, Siulá and Carnicero.

Day 5: Carhuacocha Lake 4100 m. - Siulá Pass 4850 m. - Huayhuash Camp 4350 m.

Trekking approximately 7 to 8 hours.

You pass the alternate route for the third pass of Siulá 4850 m., The route we pass by three beautiful lakes, Grangacocha, Siulacocha and Quesillococha. It is also appreciated the mountains as Alcay, Jirishanca Chico, Jirishanca Grande, Yerupajá Chico, Toro, Yerupajá Grande, Siulá and Carnicero, etc ... Arriving the Pass Punta Siulá, panoramic view of the mountains of Juraus, Trapecio, Puscanturpas, Millpo and Cordillera Raura. Down by the shore of the Carnicero lake. Arrival at Huayhuash camp.


Day 6: Huayhuash Camp 4350 m. - Portachuelo of Huayhuash Pass 4750 m. - Viconga Lake 4400 m.

Trekking approximately 5 to 6 hours.

We climb to fourth pass Punta Portachuelo of Huayhuash 4750 m. We see the mountains of Carnicero, Jurau, Trapecio, Puscanturpas, Cuyoc, Millpo and part of the Cordillera Raura, is passed along the bank of the Viconga lake. You descend to Viconga Camp, there is the possibility of doing the same Camp in Atuscancha thermal baths.

Day 7: Viconga Lake 4400 m. - Cuyoc Pass 5000 m. - Guanacpatay Camp 4300 m. Trekking approximately 5 to 6 hours.

We climb to fifth pass Punta Cuyoc 5000 m. From where you have panoramic views of the southern part of the Cordillera Huayhuash, among the mountains that you see from here are: Pumarinri, Central Cuyoc, the Puscanturpas, Cuyoc, Trapeze, Quesillo, Huaraca, Jurau, Carnicero, Sarapo, Siulá, Yerupajá South, Rasac, Serias, Angoscancha East, Juitushhuarco, Cerros Caramarca, Juraurajus, San Antonio, Madalena, etc ... and others mountains in the Cordillera Raura, then descend to Guanacpatay camp.


Optional: If the passenger is in good condition you can visit the San Antonio Pass 5050 m. Is required 3 hours more.


Day 8: Guanacpatay Camp 4300 m. - Huayllapa Town 3500 m. Trekking approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Going down along the valley Guanacpatay to the Huayllapa village, then rises again to Huatiac camp.

Paso San Antonio Huayhuash Trekking Route

Day 9: Huayllapa Town 3500 m. - Tapush Pass 4800 m. - Gashpapampa Camp 4600 m. Trekking approximately 5 to 6 hours.

We climb to sixth pass Tapush Punta 5000 m. you can see from here the mountains as: Juitush, Huacshas, Tapush, Diablo Mudo, etc... then descend to Gashpapampa camp.


Day 10: Gashpapampa Camp 4600 m. - Yaucha Pass 4850 - Jahuacocha Camp 4100 m. Trekking approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Departure after breakfast, we climb to seventh pass of Yaucha 4850 m. from here you can see the mountains as Rondoy, Jirishanca, Yerupajá, Rasac, Tsacra, Diablo Mudo, etc. ..... Descend to Huacrish valley, then arrival to Jahuacocha camp.

Day 11: Rest day at Lake Jahuacocha, from here you can see the mountains as Rondoy, Jirishanca, Yerupajá Chico, Toro, Yerupajá Grande, Rasac and Tsacra.


Optional: Trekking about 3 hours round trip.

If the passenger is found in good condition and wants to do active rest, can be leveraged to make a short walk to the Solterococha lake.


Day 12: Jahuacocha Lake 4100 m. - Pampa Llamac Pass 4300 m. - Llamac Town 3250 m. - Huaraz. Trekking approximately 5 to 6 hours. Travel by bus approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Departure after breakfast, we climb to the last pass of Pampa Llamac 4300 m. From here we will see the last time the Cordillera Huayhuash, descent from the pass to the Llamac village, from here it travels the same trail where began the journey to the first camp, the bus passes Chiquián then continue to Huaraz. Transfer to hotel, end of our services.

Paso Santa Rosa Huayhuash FOTO: Neemias Santos da Rosa
Cumbre Nevado Pisco FOTO: Neemias Santos da Rosa


Tours Chavín de Huantar / Hike Laguna Churup / Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash / Escalada Nevado Pisco - Junio 2013



Ao longo de minha estadia em Huaraz, eu realizei o Trekking Laguna Churup, o Trekking na Cordilheira Huayhuash e a escalada do Nevado Pisco (5.752 m.s.n.m.). Todo o tempo e em todas estas atividades pude desfrutar dos excelentes serviços prestados pela agência do Scheler.

Mesmo antes de chegar à Huaraz, Scheler sempre foi extremamente atencioso, esclarecendo todas as minhas dúvidas e fornecendo as informações necessárias com grande precisão.

Durante os trekkings e a escalada, Scheler proporcinou uma estrutura logística fantástica e guias capacidados com grande experiência em montanha, o que foi fundamental para que eu pudesse curtir uma verdadeira aventura inesquecível nos Andes.

Por isso, absolutamente recomendo os serviços de Scheler Artizon Trek, uma agência realmente séria, responsável e com profissionais altamente qualificados qualicados.



Throughout my stay in Huaraz, I made the Laguna Churup Trekking, Huayhuash Trekking and climbed the Pisco mountain (5,752 m.a.s.l.). At all times and in all these activities I enjoyed the excellent services provided by the agency of Scheler.

Even before I get to Huaraz, Scheler has always been extremely attentive, clearing all my doubts and providing the necessary information accurately.

During the trekkings and the climbing, Scheler provided a fantastic logistic structure and trained guides with great experience in mountains, which was very important to enjoy a truly unforgettable adventure in the Andes.

So, I absolutely recommend the services of Scheler Artizon Trek, an agency really serious, responsible and that has high qualified professionals.


Neemias Santos da Rosa

Caçapava do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil



The itinerary is a role model, however, situations such as natural disasters, climate change, landslides, political unrest, strikes, manifestations, changes in government regulations or other disadvantage of force majeure, this program can make changes.

The programs of tours, trekking and climbing are made according to our experience of work .

Minimum 3 people in the group. Are also private departures of 1-2 people.


THE GUIDE is the key to success in a trekking.
We work with Official Trekking Guides, bilingual (English / Spanish), our guides are qualified professionals, with extensive experience, responsibility, safety in the trekkings and accredited to work in the National Park Huascaran, Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash and other trekkings routes.


Do not be fooled by false guides, require the card that identifies a
Tour, Trekking or Mountain Guide.

  • MAP




  • Briefing with the guide the day before the trek.
  • Qualified professional trekking guide, bilingual (English / Spanish).

  • Assistant guide more than 4 people.

  • Cook.

  • Assistant cook more than 6 people.

  • Donkey drivers, donkeys (10 to 12 kilos per person, baggage and personal clothing). More than 05 people emergency horse.

  • Transfer from Huaraz to different start and end points of the Trekking in private transport.

  • High mountain camping tent (03 squares are for the use of 02 people).

  • Mattress.

  • Toilet tent.

  • Kitchen tent, dining tent.

  • All Kitchen and dining equipment, plates, cups, utensils etc.

  • Tables, chairs, lamps.
  • All meals during the climb (vegetarian option). Breakfast, pick nicks, lunch and dinner.

  • Basic First aid kit.
  • Radio Communicator and cellular (coverage areas).

  • Permanent and personalized assistance from our Travel "Scheler Artizon Trek". Complete pre-departure, extension services or others themes.

  • Acclimatization hikes: lake 69, Cordillera Negra - Wilcacocha lake.

  • Collective mountain equipment for climbing Diablo Mudo mountain (ropes, stakes, screws, slings, tapes, etc.).
  • 03 Nights hostel in Huaraz according to the program, in rooms (single, double or triple) with private bath, Tv, cable and Breakfast included.




Clothing and equipment recommended

- 2 pairs of socks interior polypropylene.
- 2 pairs of thick socks cotton.
- 1 pair of hiking boots or shoes for the approximations.
- 1 pair of gaiters.

- 1 Pants interior fine synthetic.
- 1 coat pants.
- 1 Pants goretex or waterproof.
- 1 Pants long and comfortable for walking.

- 2 sweatshirts synthetic interior
- 1 Polar fleece
- 1 Fleece jacket or similar
- 1 Rain jacket or goretex.
- 1 Down jacket

- Sunhat.
- Hat coat.
- Balaclava.
- Buff or scarf.
- 1 pair of sunglasses 100% UV.


- 1 pairs of gloves interior fine.
- 1 Pair of warm gloves in waterproof or goretex.















Equipment rental:
Rental price in US$. (U.S. Dollars) per day.

- Personal tent (2 places), for rent: $ 5.00.
- Sleeping bag, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Simple mattress, for rent: 1.00 us$.
- Inflatable mattress, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Backpack (small 40 litres), for rent: $ 3.00
- Backpack (large 70 litre), for rent: $ 5.00.

- MSR Multifuel stove, for rent: $ 3.00.

Expedition material
- Books, maps, Mp3 (optional).
- Camera, batteries.

- Binoculars (optional).
- Sunscreen (SPF 30-45).
- Sun lips (SPF 30-45).
- Insect repellent.
- Water bottle (at least 1 lt) with or without thermal liner. Camelbak (optional).
- Insulating mattress (neoprene or inflatable).
- Duct tape
- Toiletries bag.
- First aid kit for personal use.
- Headlamp with spare batteries.
- A 1 lt stainless steel thermos. with or without thermal cover (insulation) (optional).
- 1 Synthetic or down sleeping bag (- 08 ° C / - 12° C approximately).

Technical team
- Travel bag or backpack expedition for transportation of loads on donkeys or a backpack of at least 70 liters.
- A small and comfortable backpack of 40 lts.
- 1 Pair of adjustable trekking poles (telescopic).
























- Down jacket, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Crampons, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Plastic mountaineering boots, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Harness, for rent: $ 3.00.
- Technical ice axe (pair), for rent: $ 5.00.
- Climbing helmet, for rent: $ 2.00.
- Gaiters or leggings, for rent: $ 2.00.


  • Extra services not mentioned in the itinerary.

  • Entrance fees in the Huascaran National Park - Cordillera Blanca (s/ 30.00 per 01 day).

  • Entrance fees in the Cordillera Huayhuash (s/ 215.00 per All Around the mountain range).

  • Air flights from your country round-trip.
  • Extra nights of hotel in different cities during his stays.

  • Drinks and food in the cities of Lima, Huaraz, or another city during your stay.

  • Taxi, laundry, telephone calls, etc.

  • Extra days for delayed departures or arrivals anticipated.

  • TUUA taxes at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima: US$ 8.72 (S/. 23.54) Domestic Flights - international flights US$ 30.74 (S/. 83.00) - departures flights aerodrome of Nazca USD 7.50 (S/. 21.00) per person.

  • The TUUA is the rate of use of airport and is included in the ticket only for some destinations. Taxes are determined by the Peruvian Government and are subject to change without notice.

  • Additional expenses which may arise in various situations, contingencies, such as natural disasters, climate change, landslides of land, political unrest, strikes, demonstrations, changes in the regulations of the government, etc.

  • Rescue, repatriation, medications, medical tests and hospitalization costs.

  • Medical insurance, travel, evacuation, rescue and emergency if necessary. (We can manage it).

  • Rental of equipment for trekking or mountain.

  • Nor include the first breakfast, lunch and the last dinner on the routes of trekking and climbing.
  • Not include tips.

  • Minimum 3 people in the group.
  • Departures in deprived of 1-2 people.


  • For your reservation early you will receive a discount of 10% (5 months minimum before dispatch).

  • Equipment for trekking and climbing that cannot bring, can rent it here in Huaraz. Scheler Artizon Trek EIRL offers rent of personal equipment for customers, taking into account the load limited with their airline tickets or who do not wish to purchase expensive equipment for the expedition.

  • Bus service from the city of Lima - Huaraz - Lima, economic service, special service, via MOVIL TOURS

  • Bus service from the city of Lima - Huaraz - Lima, service special, via the CRUZ DEL SUR

  • Airplane service from the city of Lima - Huaraz - Lima, via LC PERU

  • Airplane service from the city of Lima to any other city in Peru, via STAR PERU

  • Airplane service from the city of Lima to any other city in Peru, via PERUVIAN AIRLINES

  • Airplane service from the city of Lima to any other city in the Peru and South America via LAN PERU - LAN AIRLINES

  • Service of Hotel in Huaraz, HOTEL SAN SEBASTIAN *** HUARAZ

  • Service of Hotel in Huaraz, HOTEL CASA BLANCA** HUARAZ
  • We also provide services of tours, hotel, transport, etc. in all Peru. Check our programs:,,

Laguna Jahuacocha Cordillera Huayhuash Trek



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